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Celebrating With Traditional Caribbean Christmas Rum Cakes

Christmas and the 2019 holiday season are here, it is time to  celebrate with traditional Caribbean rum cake and English plum puddings!  If you want to order rum cakes this year please do.  We have three (3) sizes, shipping from Cape Coral Florida and we can get them to you in time for Christmas if you order now!

Small  $29.99,  Medium $37.99 and Large $47.99.  To place your order contact us  at /contact-us/

Free shipping and handling on orders received before 12/14/2019. All orders require 6.5% Cape Coral Sales Tax.

Let us know how you enjoyed them.  Then in another few months it will be time to start the cycle again and put our special ingredients: raisins, currants, cherries, almonds, brandy, rum, port wine and spices  to marinate and soak for another year.  What do we mean by soaking ingredients?   Well, traditional Caribbean holiday cakes that are soooooo… delicious are marinated in glass jars for at least months before the Season so that the blend of ingredients when combined with flour, milk, eggs and spices literally dissolve in the mouth. This year’s batch is no exception.

Holiday cakes make great gifts  so share our  smooth delicate and distinctive blend of flavors.  This holiday favorite  is one of the few cakes that the longer it sits on the shelf, the better it gets since the rum and wine preserve it.  Like good wine these cakes gets better with age.  If they are still around after 3 weeks, you can elect to seal and store them on lower shelves in the refrigerator. This allows you to savor the holiday goodness during the winter months.

We are now taking pre-orders. The cakes will be made in the traditional Caribbean way by a  family in Cape Coral Florida.  Yum!!!   Order your rum cakes here!