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    This new years I spent the day with a favorite family whose two (2) adult daughters are scheduled to deliver babies a week apart in March!  They will be  almost  twin-cousins!

If that was not enough their eldest son also has a newborn daughter and an eighteen (18) month old son.

So that got me thinking how nice it would be to share the beautifully simple, but elegant Anichini baby bedding products, that are made from cotton and flannel.  See elegant crib designs, duvets, bumble bee or lady bug blankets , offered by my friends at  Anichini Bambini.

They make great gifts for soon to be Moms who integrate work life with home priorities.

“Man shall not live by standardized commodities alone. Some people value unique handmade products that excite as they display the variety in life.” This is so true for Anichini’s brand!











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