Celebrating With Traditional Caribbean Christmas Rum Cakes

It is hard to believe that the Christmas holidays are almost done. In fact today is January 1,  2019 and in some cultures it is almost time to put the special ingredients used in the traditional Caribbean rum cake/pudding to soak.

What do we mean by soaking cake ingredients?   Well, traditional Caribbean holiday cakes that are soooooo… delicious are made from several dried fruits, including currants, raisins, cherries, ground mixed nuts, rum, brandy, spices and other ingredients.

For this delicious specialty to live up to its reputation the fruits must be marinated in glass jars for at least 6 months before the Season. This year was no exception, and I am already looking forward to next year’s batch.

This holiday I shared rum cakes as gifts and folks could not get over the smoothness of the taste and the delicate distinctive after flavor.  This is a favorite and is one of the few cakes that the longer it sits on the shelf, the better it gets.  This is because the rum and brandy preserve the ingredients.  The rum cake like good wine gets better with age.

Next Christmas we will be taking pre-orders starting in October, so stay tuned. The cakes will be made in the traditional Caribbean way by a  family in Cape Coral Florida.  Yum!!! Do you like rum cakes? Click Here to tell us what you think and get out Blueprint on Enterprise.

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