Be Healthy Wealthy & Wise

Be Healthy Wealthy & Wise The Journey To Live Your Legacy

2020 was a closeup: a challenging 12-month cycle. 2021 is an opportunity to “Plus” this. To soothe, heal, make it better. Let’s learn while shifting to a better place?

How can we chart a new path when 2021 still feels raw and ugly, losses due to grief? Is life beyond our control?  The virus, unemployment, the economy?  Frustrated trying to get where you have never been … without GPS? I invite you to start 2021 with a Plan, and to create a new MISSION! Who remembers Agent 007, Sean Connery as James Bond in the movie “Mission Impossible?”  He planned for his mission and so can you.

Your 2021 MISSION, should you accept it, is to identify, revise and up-level your game and personal habits, so that you successfully implement a winning strategy, leverage specific tools and resources, execute actions that proactively increase income, and preserve your family’s resources. Take the first step to building a lasting and living legacy! Do you have a plan? A family plan, study plan, Estate Plan, or financial plan?

WHAT IF going forward, we rethink or develop a new Mindset One that reduces the likelihood of another societal melt-down?  How can we transform chaos into productivity and thriving? Each of our reactions to the pandemic was based on a combination of habits, mindset, values, and experiences.  How well we coped was dependent on reserves, familial support, systems, and leveraged opportunities.  Here is a Plan that helps you pick up the slack and get unstuck.  It just might make a difference.

  1. Control Your Immediate Environment

Control your home environment, your mental, physical, and emotions. What lifestyle or high-risk choices are you making?  Take responsibility. How adaptable are you when it comes to resources or opportunities?  Who are the people you enjoy working with, or who allow you to perform at an ideal standard?  What are your prioritized values? Answer these questions and you will create effective guard rails, that focus you while systemizing tasks in a direction that propels you forward to MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! When you examine existing resources, segment them by subject and identify gaps. Identify professional and assumed resources: doctors/nurses/healthcare, lawyers/paralegals, education/personal development/online learning, financial professionals/insurance agents/401K plan administrators, coaches/mentors. What or where is your gap? Who are your valued resources?

  1. Commit To #1: Prioritize Goals and Identify Tasks

Once a decision is made believe that the universe will support you providing a “just in time” opportunity. Choose who and what tasks to focus on, then stake your ground, begin the journey to identify and fill each need gap.

  • Does your Need Gap involve finances or money? Family security, or retirement? Healthcare or debt management? Insurance or taxes? Wealth, or Estate Planning? Irrespective of where you are in life, each person should have reassurance and peace of mind, knowing that loved ones are safe and provided for. There are many uncertainties, we must plan. One way to do this is by having an Estate Plan that matches specific needs. But what exactly is an Estate Plan?
  1. Your Estate Plan

An Estate Plan is more than a simple will. it includes at a minimum a Durable Power of Attorney (appoints somebody to act on your behalf), a simple Will, or Trust. A Trust is a legal arrangement through which one person holds legal title for another. The Trust is designed to ensure that loved ones know your wishes, are provided for, protect your assets while minimizing generational losses (due to taxes, creditors etc. Get access to a simple Trust resources at A well-designed Trust can conveniently shift assets. An excellent Estate Plan will also include medical directives, Guardianship and documents that preserve  income, even if a family uses government benefits.

Heather Atkinson is an attorney and financial professional, who has worked for and with individual clients, major law firms, Fortune and Finance companies, including MGM, Microsoft, Warner Bros., Kinkos (now FedEx), in business legal capacities. For additional info and services visit or and To learn more about Estate Plans, financial literacy or how an Estate Plan can help you build and protect a lasting legacy  Contact Heather at 818-805-9099, or

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