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Stoking and Maintaining The Home Fires

It takes a lot to keep a family safe, happy, and together. This is no easy feat with all the distractions around us, but we really should celebrate successful families that manage to stay intact.

How do families generate and maintain a harmonious tapestry of work and family life while balancing children’s schedules with their own, the never ending homework and extensive extra curricular activities?

With incessant demands for parental control how can you avoid burn out or becoming frazzled? Is it about nutrition, diet, exercise, good sleep habits? Could there be more to success than meets the eye? Let us explore and share ideas on what has worked in your family and what did not.

Every day we see families with limited resources transforming leftovers into gourmet meals, we see moms effortlessly leverage dark experiences into beautiful pieces of art, headboards, crochet and successful business opportunities. How did they do it?

Tell us about your hobbies, your business, your career, or how you became motivated to move in a new direction. How did you make the time? What sacrifice or compromise did you make? Let us know where you need business support and what’s next on your journey. Click here to get your Blueprint on Enterprise.