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Tracking Your Progress


Track progress

Tracking and Measuring Progress

It is easy to become disoriented in a dynamic, fast paced world where humans are distracted, yet expected to move at the speed of light, digesting and reacting to moving news cycles and events beyond our immediate control.

Nonetheless, it’s the beginning of a new year so let’s orient as we find our own place and prepare for what’s ahead. For sure there are more unknowns than knowns so its hard to discern if what we see is as it appears, or is even factual.

Even if cursorily accurate context and time may change meaning. The dynamic nature of current events affect the way we ingest and react to information including the decisions we make in our business. It also impacts our environment and therefore our results. Nevertheless, lets do our best to ensure that next year we can look back knowing we gave 2019 our best.

As we impatiently try to determine what is ahead, plan to confidently leverage each opportunity as you move ahead.

We often forget that Rome was not built in a day. Neither was it destroyed in a day. Ideas germinate, develop slowly, then branch and expand before they bloom. Change happens in phases.

On the other hand, when things begin to unravel it is initially barely noticeable. Much later something dramatic happens and we take notice. That’s when we recognize that had we been tracking it would have been visible earlier.

It’s the same in your business, you have to notice, pay attention observe and document changes. Learn to manage transitions then observe your progress as you take corrective action. Success will depend on teamwork and having reliable support systems who share your vision and help you to strategically execute it.

Develop habits that help you to create your structured systems. Ones that document and help you to track. There are automated solutions that measure and evaluate your progress over periods of time helping you to tack and take corrective action. Reach out, identify and get direction and advice from your mentors. Let us know if we can help. Tell us what you think. Click here to get our Blueprint on Enterprise.